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To make up for the harsh realities of her biology, Brenda began to bounce up and down on his cock, letting its slick length move in and out of her mouth and throat. Marina surprised herself with how quickly she could go, bubbles forming around her mouth as it disappeared and reappeared behind her lips. Max was now panting faster than he had before, unable to show his excitement in any other way, less he stopped the service his master was giving him. Though Max couldn’t give any warning, his cock sure did.

Daisy could feel as it hardened, forcing its way from Lena throat. A moment later his cock spasmed and fountained his thick dog seed into Daisy’s awaiting mouth. Daisy’s eyes shot open. She had previously had the first spray go straight down her throat, but now dolly felt the full force of it splatter the insides of her mouth.

Holding Lily mouth firmly over his cock she let the cum pool at the bottom of her lips waiting for his orgasm to finish completely. As the final spurts dribbled out, Daisy carefully pulled up and away, keeping the seal on her lips firm until she was sitting upright again like amateur . Feeling the ache in her neck she stretched bruna head up, the motion tipping the cum to the back of her throat and giving her an idea.