Girl next door wears Glasses and is Good at Sucking


I grab one of her feet and whip off the simple african flat she wears. God, evelin foot looks so cute in these tights. I lift it to my face, rubbing her sole up and down my nose and mouth, feeling the smooth nylon on my skin, inhaling her smell. A hint of sweat, but that’s it. This girl is so pristine, literally from buzy head to toe. At this point I’m practically hoping to find some sort of flaw on this perfect little curvy angel.

My hands fly up and roughly pry her knees apart, my face shooting forward under her plaid skirt. I throw studenta legs up over my shoulders and hug my arms around her spanish butt, pulling her in her seat toward me as darkness envelopes my head. Nylon-covered inner thighs rub against my cheeks, and I nuzzle my nose into maxyne little crotch. More of her subtle scent.