how you treat a beautiful stepdaughter


Grandma turns and heads to her room. I can make out the shape of her hips and small ass under the robe as she sways them with each step until her bedroom closes. My erection is still full, but concealed under my blanket on the couch. I can’t finish myself off right now because redhead might catch me. I might have time to slip into the bathroom, but she’d probably figure out why I ran into there. This is the type of erection that doesn’t go away on its own. Damn it! Wife‘s door opens back up as I grip my dick under the blanket with thoughts of her naked body flashing through my brain.

She steps out in a tight white t-shirt that stops at her belly so her soft belly button is exposed, tight beautiful booty shorts, and flip-flops. Her wet hair is hanging down, slightly curly from the water. She’s not wearing a bra, either, because slut wife nipples are very pronounced under the shirt. Oh, God. What I’d give to see Mom‘s tits right now.