Lesbian Swap Girlfriends


I wanted to explain myself to Cory, but escorte roșcate was having none of it. I opened my mouth to speak, and it was suddenly filled with Jessie’s tongue. After a moment of making out in front of Cory, Jessie stopped and looked at him. “You shut up,” she then looked at me, “You come with me.” She pulled me into my bedroom without further ado.

Jessie was not gentle; as soon as the door closed, escorte nimfomane sexy spun us around and shoved me onto the bed. She was built like Christy. A very tight, athletic body, but maybe an inch taller and smaller boobs than Christy. Still close enough that they often shared clothing. But she was fit and strong, and no one was going to manhandle her if she didn’t want them to.